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Gadget-Buying Women, Beware of Cell-Phone Peepers



    Gadget-Buying Women, Beware of Cell-Phone Peepers
    30 percent of Philadelphians would give up sex rather than lose their cell phones

    Technology is getting tough on women.

    Case in point: a crime committed just this week at a Fry's Electronics in Palo Alto.

    Palo Alto police are investigating a report of a man using his cell phone camera to record videos up women's skirts.

    It happened on Monday.   A Fry's security camera caught the guy on tape.  Click to make the image of the suspect larger.

    Security staff at the store called police to report that a man with a goatee was seen attaching a cell phone to the strap of a shoulder bag.

    They said they originally thought that the man might be trying to hide stolen merchandise inside his personal shoulder bag, but when they looked closer, they were able to figure it out.

    They told investigators he would place the bag on the floor near female customers according to Palo Alto police spokesman Dan Ryan.

    The suspect was seen nudging the bag near the women's feet and then would pretend to look at merchandise while he recorded under skirts Ryan said.

    The female customers were not aware what was happening, according to people at the store.

    The suspect is described as a Hispanic man in his 30s.  He rode off on a bicycle.

    He wore a gray baseball cap, gray T-shirt and blue jeans.