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John Quincy Adams Tweets from the Grave

Ex-president's diary entries from 1809 posted on Twitter



    John Quincy Adams Tweets from the Grave
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    Follow John Quincy Adams' voyage across the Atlantic on Twitter.

    Sixth President John Quincy Adams, who has been dead for over 150 years, has found his way onto Twitter.

    The Massachusetts Historical Society is posting entries from Adams diary on Twitter, the micro-blogging powerhouse made popular by celebrities, athletes, and other public figures, reports The New York Times.

    Adam's diary entries, which conveniently fit Twitter's 140 character limit, will be posted exactly 200 years later from when Adam's quill first touched paper. His short journal entries began on August 5, 1809, the day he left Boston for St. Petersburg to serve as ambassador to Russia, and appeared on Twitter exactly 200 years later.

    The tweets will link to the historical society's

    web site

    , where there will be longer entries and interactive maps that pinpoint his location each day, using coordinates. So far, Adam's has shown a flair for tweeting. In the nine hours since the first post , Adam's already has 4,800 followers, with the number of followers expected to rise.

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