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Live Blogging from WWDC in SF

NBC Bay Area Business and Techlogy reporter Scott Budman is there, tweeting, blogging and giving you television coverage of the latest and greatest.



    Live Blogging from WWDC in SF
    At WWDC 2012, Apple is expected to preview software and new Macs.

    Monday thousands of Apple fans will descend upon San Francisco's Moscone Center for five days of iOS, Mountain Lion and rumors galore. That's because the 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off today in downtown San Francisco, and NBC Bay Area Business and Technology report Scott Budman is there, tweeting, blogging and giving you television coverage of the latest and greatest Apple products.

    9:43 a.m. Developers, lined up for blocks outside Moscone center, now streaming into conference center .. Keynote scheduled for 10 a.m. Place is packed. Banners up for iOs 6, and a OSX update. Some new hardware (new MacBooks) also expected. 5,000 guests who paid $1,600 for the event are there.

    10:02 a.m. Apple's voice-recognition software, Siri  -- not CEO Tim Cook -- opens keynote with a joke. "It's hard for me to get emotional, because my emotions haven't been coded yet." Ha. Asking if developers need financing. Nice of Tim Cook to cede the stage to a piece of software.

    10:10 a.m. Tim Cook now on stage. Developers getting props for huge app store success.  Apple expanding product line into new countries. Huge payouts to developers who sell apps in the app store. Cook: "we are just getting started." Now showing a video highlighting apps & app makers.

     10:10 a.m. Tim Cook: #WWDC sold out in one hour and 43 minutes. Apple has more than 400 m accounts in the App Store. Apple will add 32 countries to the app store, for 155 total.

    10:15 a.m. The video is about how apps are changing people's lives. Yes, it's sappy.  That said, the App store has paid out close to 5 billion dollars to developers who have created apps.  Not a bad business in itself.

    10:16 a.m. Tim Cook says new notebook updates are here. MacBook fans, start your engines. MacBook Air gets new faster processors.  Part of changes coming to notebook line. Lots of new storage, Apple promises faster machines.

    10:27 a.m. MacBook Air updates not enough. Now, a new MacBook Pro. New display, and thinner. Crowd eating this up - they wanted a new MB Pro.It's thinner than your finger.

    10:32 a.m. This is where the developers get geeked:  New apps for retina display (yes, new money coming in), better resolution for Adobe Photoshop, games, etc. Autodesk updating autocad for this.  Further evidence off Apple being an economy unto itself.

    10:39 a.m. I'm surrounded by people cursing the fact that they JUST BOUGHT a new MacBook.

    10:42 a.m. This is pretty cool. A video about the new MB Pro that's not sappy, but showing a bit of how these things are made.

    10:46 a.m. MacBook Pro starts shipping today. Starting at $2,199.  Developers very excited about this. Truly shows focus on mobile.  No mention at all yet about desktops.  It's all mobile.

    10:58 a.m. An overall down day for the market, Apple shares higher, along with Nvidia - their chips are inside new products.

     11:10 a.m. Jon Fortt of MSNBC says AirPlay and Game Center also coming to Mountain Lion. MOre than 200 features, including VIPS in Mail, adding features for China. MOre than 80 pct of iOS base running iOS 5 vs 7 pct running latest version of Android. Apple sending 7 billion notifications per day via notification center in iOS. Updates to Siri, demoing sports stats and trivia.

    11:17 a.m. Siri updates: Uses Yelp for reservations, sending out tweets and can now find Apps when you ask for them. All part of iOS 6.

    11:26 a.m. Facebook now integrated into the Apple app store. So, you can keep up with what your friends are playing, buying, etc. iOS 6 can use FaceTime over cellular network. No need for Wi Fi. You can also answer phone calls on your iPad or iMac, using FaceTime.

    11:39 a.m. New Apple app:  Passbook, a way to store cards (like Starbucks), passes (airlines) and movie tickets all in one place. Seems fairly useful. 

    11:53 a.m. Tim Cook back onstage to wrap things up. New laptops, new software, tons of new app integration. Developers get to mess with it all this week. They're very happy. Lots of competition for Google/Android.First WWDC without Steve Jobs seems to have kicked off smoothly.