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Less Than a Mad Rush For New iPad Mini

Handful of people line up to buy new tablet at Apple's Michigan Avenue store



    Only a handful of people line up overnight at Michigan Avenue Apple store to buy smaller tablet. (Published Friday, Nov. 2, 2012)

    Apple's iPad Mini goes on sale Friday morning, but the response is far from the typical frenzy that greets a new product.

    A handful of people were waiting in line outside the Apple store on Michigan Avenue. Compare that to the lines snaking around the block in anticipation of the iPhone 5 a few weeks ago, with some people camping out days in advance.

    Techies are still excited abou the new tablet. The 7.9-inch iPad Mini is 7.2 mm thin -- "as thin as a pencil" -- and only .68 pounds, which is 53 percent lighter than a full-size iPad. The Mini will cost $329 and pre-orders start Friday. The LTE versions will start at $460.

    The other smaller-sized tablets on the market, Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 start at $199. The Mini is a smaller version of a regular iPad, and does essentially the same functions, which is why users may be less willing to downsize.

    But as is the case with most new Apple releases, bragging rights always enter the equation.

    "I always want to be the first one in line, because I was the first one in line when I got the iPhone 5," Fred Briscoe said as he waited on the sidewalk.