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Wrigley Field Could Host 2016 All-Star Game



    Wrigley Field Could Host 2016 All-Star Game
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    Wrigley Field is the most likely destination for the 2016 All-Star Game, according to undisclosed major leagues sources.

    The Chicago Cubs had petitioned to host Major League Baseball’s 2014 All-Star, but the league considers Wrigley Field, in its current state, unprepared for the events that occur over the entirety of All-Star weekend, including the Fanfest and live entertainment, according to major leagues sources in a report by ESPN Chicago.

    When Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig visited Wrigley Field on Wednesday, he said that hosting the 2014 All-Star Game in Chicago’s North Side is “appealing,” but he was not ready to commit to the idea. Selig also said he would announce the site of the 2013 All-Star Game first, then announce several other future destinations at once.

    The Cubs will need to refurbish the interior and exterior of Wrigley Field to get approved for the game, something the Ricketts family  may be planning to finish within five years, reports ESPN Chicago.

    The Ricketts family has been busy attempting to purchase land around the park. They envision the Wrigleyville area around the park to be a one-stop shop for hotels, restaurants and entertainment.

    The 2016 date for the All-Star Game would mark the 100th anniversary of the Cubs playing at Wrigley Field. The ballpark was built in 1914, but was the home of the Federal League Chicago Whales for two season before the league disbanded. In 1916, the Cubs changed homes, leaving behind their ballpark at Westside Park.

    The Cubs have hosted the All-Star Game three times prior in 1947, 1962, and 1990.