Winter Olympics Drinking Games

Learn to truly enjoy the spirit of the games with our Olympics drinking guide.

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If you're looking for ways to toast the games, read on...
The Wicky Wacky Woo
The best technical sports term of all time ever, a "wicky wacky woo" occurs when a stone bounces off two other stones to rest in an advantageous position. The words are their own reward, but when you drink when you hear them it's a double win.
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Mountie's Bounty
Combining the seriousness of British red coat soldiers with the amusing hatwear of Smokey the Bear, the mounties are surely the most lovable of mounted police. When you see one, on horsey or no, tip your glass.
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Big Air Booze
If you count all the times you hear "big air" during snowboard coverage, you'd reach a gazillion. Maybe not, but it would certainly be enough to give you a big buzz if you took a sip each time.
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Hair's The Thing
Young Olympians, like Samson, can't perform without their hair. Every time you see a long-locked athlete, drink.
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Bode Miller's Revenge
Every time the Sage of Oregon waxes eloquent about how gnarly he is, drink.
Skeletons in Your Tumbler
This is not luge. This is skeleton. It is bad-ass. Every time an athlete inexplicably hurtles face first down an icy chute without wetting themselves, drink.
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Puck You
For every time Patrick Kane takes his shirt off and drinks from a dainty glass, drink.
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Cross-Country Skiing
Take a drink if you manage to sit through 5 minutes of Cross-Country Skiing. You deserve it.
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Ice Dancer-tini
Take a stiff shot if you catch yourself enjoying ice dancing. And make it two if you don't.
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Toughen Up, Tiger
Finish your drink if you catch anyone crying for any reason. There's no crying in figure skating! Wait, there is? OK, move along, nothing to see here.
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