The Heartwarming Winter Classic Story

Hockey stick returned to fan

With the temperature reaching a high of -2 degrees on Wednesday, Chicagoans need our hearts warmed. Thank you, Robert Pappert, for helping us out.

If you haven't heard the story, at the Winter Classic, a young hockey fan was handed a stick by his favorite player, Henrik Zetterberg. A man, who might be or might not be a Wrigley Field employee, said that the child could not have the stick and took it away. When the child and his father tried to retrieve the stick, they were stymied.

Pappert, a North Carolinian and Blackhawk fan who attended the game, bumped into a bad man in a bathroom at Wrigley who was carrying this hockey stick. He bought it off the bad man for $100. After reading about the young man online, Pappert realized that he had the stick that had been wrongly taken away from a child. His response was exactly what you would want to hear:

"If I had any idea that that was a bad dude, I would have beaten him with that stick before I left the bathroom," said Pappert, 45, about the man who sold him the pilfered souvenir. "I had a wonderful time with it for four or five days, but it has to go back to who really owns it."

The young fan received the hockey stick from Pappert Monday afternoon, and the Red Wings are also sending him another stick. Pappert is out $100, but what is $100 in comparison to a happy child? As for the man who stole a hockey stick from a kid, payback will come his way.

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