Photos: A Close-Up Look at the Blackhawks’ Winter Classic Jersey

The Chicago Blackhawks will wear special edition jerseys for the 2019 Winter Classic, and we have an up-close look at some of the jersey's more interesting features.

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Chicago Blackhawks
Victoria Gray/The Strong via AP
The Blackhawks' jersey pays homage to their 1933-34 look, which was worn when the team won their first Stanley Cup.
The Blackhawks' jersey includes six different years underneath the collar to honor the team's six Stanley Cup championships. In a very subtle addition, the white hash marks next to the numbers represent the iconic pattern that Notre Dame's football team has painted in their end zone.
San Jose Fire Department
The game at Notre Dame Stadium will be the sixth NHL contest contested in the state of Indiana and the first since 1992.
NBC Bay Area
Like all Adidas Adizero jerseys, the new Winter Classic threads include the ventilation holes that add texture to the shoulders of the jersey and add some breathability for the players.
San Jose Fire Department
In the year after the Blackhawks wore these jerseys, they switched to a sweater with red striping, paving the way for later iterations of their classic look.
The one main difference between these jerseys and the 1933-34 look is that the back of the jersey will have a name plate instead of a series of stripes.
The Winter Classic will be the Blackhawks' seventh outdoor game and fourth Winter Classic.
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