Win One for Lovie? Or Brian?

Not a single Chicago Bears player wants to consider they may have played their last game with Middle Linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Number 54 suffered a hamstring strain Dec. 2 in a game against Seattle and hasn't yet practiced before the Bears regular season finale Sunday in Detroit.

If they lose, the season is over for Chicago and Urlacher heads into free agency under uncertainty.

Lance Briggs has played all 10 season with Brian Urlacher next to him. Has he considered it could be the last time he lined up with the Bears future Hall of Famer?

"No, I'm not" Briggs said, assuring he's only focused on beating the Detroit Lions.

While Urlacher heads a list of at least 13 free agents with significant playing time on the Bears, there is also Lovie Smith's job hanging in the air. With one season left on his contract and the Bears missing the playoffs in four of the last five seasons, Smith could also be coaching his last game for Chicago.

Would the Bears try to "Win one for Lovie?" 

"More than just Lovie, you want to win it for us" Briggs answered honestly. "If you've enjoyed your time here in Chicago and the way that Lovie has treated you and us together and this camaraderie that we have, then win it for that."

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