Will Cutler, Coaches Get Along?

Whether you are Jay Cutler's biggest fan or if you're campaigning for his outright release, you know the quarterback can have a bit of a temper.

He has had sideline incidents with teammates and coaches, and his body language has been a discussion point on way too many sports talk shows. He's been through three offensive coordinators with Lovie Smith, and now has a whole new set of coaches to deal with under Marc Trestman.

But will Cutler get along with these new coaches? Sports Illustrated's Peter King knows the Bears' new staff well, and he says they won't put up with Cutler being difficult. Mark Cavanaugh, the new quarterbacks coach, is known for being just as stubborn and focused on winning as Cutler.

"I think the one thing that players will like about Cavanaugh is that he doesn’t take any crap," King told CSNChicago.com. "He’s going to be acerbic and he will sometimes out-tough Cutler in terms of his opinions about things. I thought that was a good match, someone who would go head-to-head with Jay a little bit."

Cutler has met his match, and probably won't get away with walking away from offensive coordinator Aaron Kroner on the sidelines as he did to Mike Tice. 

The good news is that Trestman is known for putting together game plans that are well thought-out. King said that one of the reasons players react so well to Trestman is that they can look at their game plans and say, "Well, they have thought of everything." 

Still, this is going to be a weird period of transition that might get uncomfortable at times. Cutler can look at this new staff as an opportunity, and hopefully find a kindred spirit in his new coaches.

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