Who Has the Longest Wingspan in the NBA?

Two active players have wingspans listed at 7-foot-10

Who has the longest wingspan in the NBA? originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

As the NBA continues to shift towards a positionless league, wingspans have become an important measurement in evaluating a player’s potential success. 

No, wingspans are not a do-or-die type of measurement, but the longer they are, the more versatile you could become on both ends of the floor. 

The players with the longest wingspans tend to be in the frontcourt, and there are plenty of athletes that boast long arms. These 15 NBA players have the longest wingspan in the NBA:

Who has the longest wingspan in the NBA?

Two players have the longest wingspan in the NBA currently: Orlando Magic center Mo Bamba and Houston Rockets center Boban Marjanović are listed at 7-foot-10. Here’s the rest of the list:

T-1. Mo Bamba: 7-foot-10

T-1. Boban Marjanović: 7-foot-10

3. Rudy Gobert: 7-foot-8.5

4. Udoka Azubuike: 7-foot-7.25

T-5. Hassan Whiteside: 7-foot-7

T-5. Bol Bol: 7-foot-7

7. Mark Williams: 7-foot-6.5

8. Andre Drummond: 7-foot-6.25

T-9. Thomas Bryant: 7-foot-6

T-9. DeAndre Jordan: 7-foot-6

T-9. Deandre Ayton: 7-foot-6

T-9. JaVale McGee: 7-foot-6

T-9. Chet Holmgren: 7-foot-6

T-9. Kristaps Porzingis: 7-foot-6

15. DeMarcus Cousins: 7-foot-5.75

Who has the shortest wingspan in the NBA?

On the flip side, guards tend to have the shortest wingspans in the NBA. These 10 players have the shortest arms in the league, with five being tied at 6-foot-2:

1. Markus Howard: 6-foot-0.25

2. Sharife Cooper: 6-foot-1

3. Isaiah Thomas: 6-foot-1.75

T-4. Patty Mills: 6-foot-2

T-4. Kyle Lowry: 6-foot-2

T-4. Fred VanVleet: 6-foot-2

T-4. Raul Neto: 6-foot-2

T-4. T.J. McConnell: 6-foot-2

T-9. Trae Young: 6-foot-3

T-9. Malachi Flynn: 6-foot-3

Who has the longest wingspan in NBA history?

The longest wingspan in NBA history belongs to Manute Bol, who boasted an 8-foot-6 wingspan with a height of 7-foot-7. 

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