What If Del Negro Firing Never Happens?

One Bulls beat writer doesn't sense coach on the hot seat

Watching sports from home has its advantages. For one, you get to take a wide view of things. You're not bogged down in the day-to-day roller coaster that comes with a sports team, where one bad game feels more disastrous than Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Topical humor!

The downside to that remove, however, is that there can be a disconnect from what we can see and what reporters and coaches and players can sense. So when Bulls fans, for example, watch the Bulls go on a disastrous post-Cavs-win stretch, we think it's pretty obvious the Vinny Del Negro experience isn't working, and so we naturally assume a firing is on the way. Those around the team have a different perspective. Like the Trib's K.C. Johnson, who answers the first question in his Bulls mailbag today with this:

I've been wrong countless times before, but I don't get the sense firings are imminent. The Bulls knew a learning curve came with Del Negro, who has a three-year deal. And team Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf never has enjoyed paying coaches who don't work for him.

OK, so it's just a sense, and it could be wrong, for someone who spends most of his waking hours hanging around the Bulls, it's at least marginally trustworthy.

Which means that the Bulls are probably going to play this patiently. Usually, that's a fantastic quality for a professional front office to have. You don't want people rushing around and making day-to-day decisions based on emotion, and you don't want a franchise that can't stick by its decisions once it's made up its mind. Unfortunately, you also don't want a franchise that thinks Vinny Del Negro is the choice to lead the Bulls in the Derrick Rose era. Sometimes, impatience is the best policy.

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