Vinny Del Negro Needs To Make a Decision

New Bulls coach still isn't sure on his starting lineup for tomorrow night

Tomorrow night at the United Center the Chicago Bulls will tip off the start of a brand new season.   That means we've got six months of Joakim Noah screams, Stacey King saying "Sef-o-low-sha!", Johnny Kerr not understanding jokes, and Andres Nocioni flops awaiting us.   These are the things we do know.

Unfortunately, there's a whole lot more about this Bulls team we don't know.   We're less than 24 hours from the opening tip of the season, and I still have no idea what to expect from this team.   Will last year turn out to be an aberration, and the young corps of this team will remember that they have some modicum of talent and get back to the playoffs?  Are we destined to see another underachieving season in which we'll be lucky to get 35 wins?

Sorry, I have no answers for you.  Really, why should I?  Not only do the Bulls have a coach who has never coached before, therefore not giving us any idea what to expect from him, but Vinny Del Negro doesn't even know who will be in his starting lineup tomorrow night.

"With all the injuries, it's hard to get something engraved in stone," Del Negro said. "We've had different mix-and-match lineups out there. The flexibility with the lineup needs to be there right now. Maybe it needs to be there all year. I'm not sure yet."

Don't you think you should be, or is your plan to have players draw straws in the locker room before pregame shootaround?  Seriously Vin, the season hasn't even started yet and you already sound overwhelmed.  This is not a good sign, but since I'm a Bulls fan and I only want to help, I'm going to pick your starting lineup for you.

There are three definites, which you yourself have already admitted to.  Luol Deng, Drew Gooden, and the Chosen One Derrick Rose will be in the starting lineup.   This leaves us with a hole at the two guard and another forward or center.   To me, the guard situation is easy.  The Bulls need some size in their backcourt, so I'd like to see Thabo start.  He's long and lanky, which will allow him to get a hand in Michael Redd's face at all times, and he can handle the ball as well.   This allows him to play with all three of the other guards, not just Rose.

Up front I'd like to see Tyrus Thomas start at the four and Gooden at the five.  Maybe starting Aaron Gray will present a better matchup with Milwaukee's Andrew Bogut on Tuesday night, but the idea of Aaron Gray, starter, just doesn't sit well with me.  He's a very good center off the bench, but he doesn't fit the mold of the up-tempo offense you say you're trying to implement.   Tyrus, on the other hand, is an athletic freak.  When Gooden has trouble defending much bigger players, Tyrus can provide excellent help defense and block shots.

Plus I just really like watching him fly up and down the court and throw down monster dunks.  Mr. Gray does not provide these theatrics, and if the team isn't going to be very good, at the least they need to be entertaining.

So, there, your lineup is set.  Just pick out a suit and start styling that amazing head of hair you have, and you're all set.

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