Urlacher's Ex Weighs In On His Departure

FINALLY. Brian Urlacher's ex-girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy, spoke up about the end of his career in Chicago.

McCarthy, the actress/model/not-sure-what-else-she-does-for-a-living who dated Urlacher last year and grew up on the South Side, wrote in the Sun-Times that the Bears' offer to Urlacher didn't match what he is capable of. She also said Urlacher's comments in 2012 about "not caring about the fans" were taken out of context.

"There were some negative comments from fans and columnists about a quote earlier in the season where Brian said he 'didn’t care about the fans,' which left some people very bitter. I think his fan comment was taken out of context. I believe he was trying to defend Lovie during a losing streak and it came out wrong. Last summer, everywhere I went with Brian, he stopped and signed every autograph and took pictures with fans. He loved the fans as much as he loved football."

It's nice McCarthy wants to speak up on behalf of Urlacher. I don't have many ex-boyfriends worth defending in an article, but who named McCarthy the representative for all Bears fans? 

What's gross about this is McCarthy is using Urlacher leaving town to make sure her name is in the headlines again. Her television show was just renewed, and she needs ratings. Urlacher's name has been in the news the past few weeks. 

Suddenly, she feels the need to say goodbye to the guy she dated for six months. Does she do it with an email, phone call or text? Nah, she has to do it in a newspaper, and ensure everyone will be talking about her.

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