Trapeze Offers High Flying Fitness

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I'm flipping out about a high-flying fitness routine that's new to Chicago. The New York School of Trapeze recently added a Chicago lakefront location to their New York, Boston and Los Angeles schools, and they're offering workout fans a way to get in shape by swinging through the air.

 The school offers classes geared toward all abilities -- from beginners and the somewhat-out-of-shape to advanced, coordinated athletes. Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I wanted to try something new and took a jump on this new fitness craze.

 If you are not afraid of heights and can hold your body weight swinging, this is an exhilarating workout.  The first step is to lean out holding the bar, bend the knees and on command, jump off to swing on the trapeze.  The muscles you will use include shoulders, core and some lower body strength -- I felt my abs underneath the rib cage talking to me the next day. After only a few swings was being thrown and caught by another trapeze performer.

 Class size varies but are offered every day. As for results, one student, Romeo Talento, recently lost more than 50 pounds using mainly his trapeze fitness program. He says he loves the trapeze and what it did for his arms and core. Talento will most likely perform in the New York School’s mid-summer show, too.”


Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle spokesperson, NBC Fitness Coach and author of Naked Fitness.


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