Tokyo Olympics

Oops! Biggest Crashes, Snaps and Wipeouts at Tokyo Olympics

Our hearts went out to these Tokyo Olympians as handlebars snapped, crashes threw off competitions and false starts got in the way.

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Sometimes things just don't go as planned, not even for seasoned athletes competing at the Tokyo Olympics.

Our hearts went out to them as handlebars and poles unexpectedly snapped, crashes and spills threw off competitions, and false starts got in the way.

After breaking her pole and landing uncomfortably off the mat, Sandi Morris withdrew from the pole vault event. Morris appeared to have suffered an injury and needed medical attention.

Brazilian Italo Ferreira's surfboard broke in half in the opening seconds of the first-ever Olympic surfing gold medal match. Ferreira's coach ran down the shoreline to bring a new one.

During their run in the men’s team pursuit competition, Australia's squad was forced to end early after racer Alex Porter's handlebars broke and he crashed hard on the Izu Velodrome track.

Surfers got soaked as they competed with massive waves and each other at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Evgenii Kuznetsov and Nikita Schleikher were in medal contention in the men's synchronized 3m springboard final, until a failed attempt in their final dive.

A motor boat in the way of athletes disrupts the start of the men's triathlon in Tokyo, stopping the race in bizarre fashion and marking the first-ever false start call in the sport's Olympic history.

Peruvian skateboarder Angelo Caro Narvaez was unable to complete one of his big tricks during the preliminary heat in Tokyo. As he fell from his board, he unfortunately landed groin-first on a rail in the street course.

During the inaugural heats of men's street skateboarding, a different type of broken barrier occurred when a piece of the course fell down during the run of 19-year-old Japanese skater Sora Shirai, who was given a redo.

Dutch rider Mathieu van der Poel – three-time reigning world champ in the non-Olympic cyclo-cross and Stage 2 winner of the 2021 Tour de France – crashes at Sakura Drop on the first lap; he'd later pull out on lap five.

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