They Still Don't Get It

It's always nice to be reminded that the people you laugh at will continue to do the things that cause your laughter. Let's have a close study of Harrison Mooney's column from the August 11 Vancouver Sun, which made me laugh:

Vancouverites probably remember the elation that ran through them when Alex Burrows scored the overtime winner to finally get the best of the Chicago Blackhawks in the post-season,

Maybe they do, but somehow, and I'm just spitballing here, I'm guessing the Game 7 loss at home in the Final probably takes precedence. I'm only basing that on the reaction after it. You may remember it, national embarrassment and all that? Hope it rings a bell.

...but imagine how you might have felt if, say, you lived in Chicago. What do you think is the exact opposite of that elation? All-consuming rage? I'm imagining Angry Hawks Fan, but much, much angrier.

Yeah, again, take the first paragraph I wrote, and reverse it. We were upset at the time, no doubt. Though there were two mitigating factors: One, it was kind of a farce it ever got that far anyway, and second that whole Game 7 against the B's again. Most Hawks fans took the prescription of staring upon the banner we have and that you don't. Believe me when I tell you it cures a lot of ills. You probably won't find out one day before you're dead though.

Truth is, as much as Canuck Nation seems to think that their playoff victory officially evened the score, it only served to leave the Blackhawks feeling one down.

cough *June 9th, 2010* cough. Cough *Patrick Kane goal* cough. Cough 'beaten you twice to your once* cough.

The revenge motif is now a two-way street - beating Vancouver next season is Chicago's No. 1 priority, and they've been stocking up on grit this offseason (often right under the Canucks' nose) with this goal fully in mind. Hence, the Blackhawks' acquisition of noted shift disturber Daniel Carcillo.

Yeah, see, this is where Vancouver keeps going wrong. Their goal is always to beat us. Ours is to just win the Cup, and if they happen to be in the way we'll deal with that. I don't recall hearing Stan Bowman or John McDonough or Rocky Wirtz say anything about "Well, we gotta knock the Sedins on their ass, and whether we win the Cup or not, we'll throw a parade."

Carcillo is a stereotypical goon, right down to the fact that he doesn't quite exude knowledge and wisdom. When asked about the rivalry with the Canucks in his introductory news conference, for instance, he showed that he wasn't fully caught up on the off-season roster moves of his new nemesis. From TSN. ca:

"I watched that series and I'm actually pretty excited to play them because there's a few guys there that I think played a little bit outside of their shoes," Carcillo said. "I think I can keep most of those guys in check when we play them this year so I'm pretty excited to play them."

It's kind of funny that this guy couldn't put it together that a player who's already got some ground to make up with the fandom here wouldn't pay some lip service and say some things they want to hear. Clearly this has never happened before. He also gets shocked that Carcillo isn't up to date on every player movement, especially the ones that have nothing to do with the team he's now on or was just on.
When asked to name specifically which players he had a problem with, the 26-year-old winger didn't hold back.

"Lapierre, Glass, and Torres. Just because. Lapierre's at the top of the list."

Thank goodness Lapierre's at the top, otherwise, Carcillo's not even getting one deep before he realizes his Vancouver hit list is impossible. Someone should tell him that, when he's calling out a team, it helps to call out players who play for them.

They then go on to come up with some pretty cookie-cutter jokes about things Carcillo isn't up to date on, and you can fill it in from there. To me, it's pretty hilarious that after capitulating in the most sad way possible, Canucks fans are still focused on what we do. Oh won't these games be fun?





Sam Fels is the proprietor of The Committed Indian, an unofficial program for the Blackhawks. You may have seen him hocking the magazine outside the United Center at Gate 3. The program is also available for purchase online. Fels is a lifelong 'Hawks fan and he also writes for Second City Hockey .

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