There Is No Joy In Cubville

To say things aren't looking too good for the Cubs right now would be an understatement (or as Dick Stockton would say, "an understudy").  For the second night in a row, the Cubs played bad baseball.   Actually, bad doesn't really begin to describe it.   They've played horrible, ugly, lifeless, why -did-you-even-bother-showing-up-to-the-ballpark baseball.

Carlos Zambrano came out and pitched well, putting any worries about an injury to rest, but his defense and the Cubs lineup did him no favors.  In fact, the only part of the game that was close was the epic battle the Cubs fought amongst themselves.   Which would they finish with more of, hits or errors?   At the end of the second inning, errors had a 2-1 lead  (it should have been 3-1 considering Ryan Theriot's bone-headed decision to try and barehand a ball) on hits, and the Dodgers had a 5-0 lead thanks to those errors.   When it was all said and done -- that was a very long three hours and ten minutes -- the Dodgers had won 10-3 (box score).

The Cubs would finish the night with four errors, but pulled off a somewhat impressive feat while doing so, as few people can remember ever seeing all four infielders on a team get an error in the same game.  So congratulations, I guess.   Needless to say, Lou Piniella is not very happy with what he's seen from his club in the last 48 hours.

"That just wasn't good baseball," said Lou.  "In fact, the last two days have probably been the two worst games we've played all year from a walking, and errors standpoint.

"Wasn't fun to watch.   I can tell you that."

It's hard to argue with him on that sentiment.

Now the Cubs get to take a day off and travel to Los Angeles, where hopefully they can get a fresh start.   Let's face it, being down two games to none and having to play the next two games on the road is not an easy task.   Odds are, the next game played at Wrigley Field will involve the Chicago Blackhawks.

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