The White Sox Must Have Vacations Planned

Maybe Major League Baseball can do both the White Sox and Minnesota Twins a favor, and just give the Los Angeles Angels a bye in the American League Division Series.  I mean, it's become pretty obvious at this point that neither team wants to win the AL Central.

When the Twins lost on Friday night, it was expected.  After all the emotion spent sweeping the White Sox, it's pretty common for a team to come out flat in its next game.  What wasn't expected was the way they lost again on Saturday afternoon, as the Kansas City Royals keep doing everything in their power to get the key to the city of Chicago.

The Twins game actually came to an end as the White Sox were kicking off their date with the Cleveland Indians, and when the final score was placed on the scoreboard, the crowd at U.S. Cellular Field went insane.  Then they calmed down, and then the White Sox watched another moment of opportunity pass them by.

Things started out innocently enough, with Shin Soo Choo -- which is one of the greatest names ever -- hitting a solo homer for Cleveland in the first, and Jermaine Dye answering with one of his own in the Sox half.  Then Javier Vazquez, coming off a horrible outing in Minnesota, seemed to settle in.  After giving up the homer, Javy sat down (nine little, ten little) 11 straight Indians before Ryan Garko hit a one out single back up the box.

After that I totally blacked out.  I believe my brain was doing everything in it's power to keep me from harming myself and others, but the next thing I knew it was 7-1 Indians.  The Sox never recovered, though they did tease the crowd by making it 8-6 before giving up four more runs in the ninth inning. 

Now the Sox have to win tomorrow to have a chance, if they don't, they have to pray the Twins lose again.  If that happens, or if both teams win, the Sox will play Detroit on Monday with their lives on the line.

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