Cubs Sale on Hold Thanks to Horrible Economy

Phew. The economy. A lot's going on today, right? President Bush gave his address on solving the economic crisis, which may or may not have done anything to help matters. In the meantime, stocks are fluctuating wildly and going up and down and I'm thinking about hiding under my bed until everything blows over.

The consequences of the economic breakdown reach far and wide. As you've probably heard a gazillion times, the collapse is affecting people on Wall Street, and ... wait for it ... Main Street. If I hear another politician/newsman/blogger use this phrase one more time I will lose it. I mean seriously. I'm going under the bed.

But it turns that Main Street isn't the only street being affected. Addison and Sheffield are feeling the pinch, too. (See what I did there?) Because the Cubs finished their valuation before the crisis really began, they are likely not worth the same amount now that everything's gone to hell, which means that neither the Tribune Company nor its various Cubs suitors are going to be feeling too purchasey right now.

This makes perfect sense, of course, and now it's been publicly confirmed by that most vocal of potential Cubs buyers, Mark Cuban. Cuban told the Chicago Tribune that he had "no idea" when the sale would happen, but that it would probably be like a super-duper long time from now. Sigh.

So, OK, the economy is bad. People are losing their homes and their life savings and you're probably not even reading this because you had to pawn your computer for firewood. The Cubs sale is so far down on the list of important things going on right now it doesn't even register, but this way, we can all be forewarned: If you hear Cubs fans complain about the Tribune's ownership, they deserved to be slapped. Repeatedly. Please feel free.

As for me, who knows how long this thing will last? Who knows how long I'll be under that bed? I must acquire provisions.

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