Obama Bets On Bulls

President Barack Obama has made no secret that he's a huge Bulls fan. He has faith in his hometown team. 

In fact, he's willing to put his money, er, food, where his mouth is.

CNN reports that the president talked up the Bulls, who will play the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals. When he was challenged by a Miami reporter to a wager over the series, the Prez took the challenge.

"Well you know in Chicago you know we have some outstanding Chicago hot dogs, I don't know what kind of food you've got down in Miami."

WTLV Univision 23 Miami reporter Mario Andrés Moreno then told the president, "If we lose, I'm gonna bring you here to the White House, a box of Cuban Fritas, you've eaten them on Calle Ocho."

Obama said he remembered the spicy and sweet Cuban burgers, but stood firm on his love of the Bulls.

Obama was a Bulls fan long before he ran for office. Not only that, he's a basketball fan. He plays regular games with his staff and attends NBA and college games whenever he can. He cheers on his brother-in-law Craig Robinson, the head coach for men's basketball at Oregon State. Obama even joined in on the "MVP" chants when Derrick Rose attended a fundraiser.

During Chicago's last run of breathtaking basketball, Bill Clinton was in office. It was nice to have Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the rest visit the White House after a championship, but it would not even compare to the party that would await Derrick Rose's Bulls, should they get through Miami and win the championship.

If the Bulls needed any more motivation, this should be it. Win it for the president's pride and for the party that awaits you on the White House lawn.

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