The Mouthiest Bulls Fan You'll Ever Meet

Mr. Chi City gets floor seats for 'da Bulls

We've all seen the trash talking on the sidelines between the Bulls and the Celtics, and you don't need to be a lip reader to understand what Kevin Garnett is saying most of the time.

But what about the fans? The best thing about watching a basketball game live is that you can be only a few feet away from the players -- if you've got it like that.

A few months ago -- heck, even a few weeks ago, floor seats at a Bulls game wasn't much to brag about. Now it's a very big deal. And if you think the players get into it, it's nothing compared to the abuse they take from the fans.

A Brotha on the Floor

If you've ever wondered what life is like that close to the action, we came across a YouTube video by a guy who calls himself Mr. Chi-City. He's obviously a huge Bulls fan, and he provided some interesting commentary on the day he managed to score floor-seat tickets to one of the first-round games versus the Celtics.

Besides the recently-retired Art Norman, this guy has the best laugh in the business. He's definitely raw and unfiltered -- his comments toward some of the female fans may make you cringe -- but his enthusiam can't be denied.

Let's hope Mr. Chi-City has managed to work out a plane ticket and some floor seats for Game 7. You got it, Mayne!

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