The Bears Could Use A Little Drama

Team should look into signing Terrell Owens

With the news that the Dallas Cowboys released wide receiver Terrell Owens late Wednesday night, just about every Bears fan in Chicago had the same thought run through their head: Should the Bears sign T.O?  Well, should they?

It's a question the Bears should be asking themselves as well, because even with all the headaches Owens has caused where ever he's gone, he has always been a productive player.  After all, the only times Owens has been a pain was when he wanted a new contract, and when his teams were losing and he wasn't getting the ball.  Neither of which would be problems here in Chicago.

At no time has Owens ever been a player who was accused of not giving 100% when he's on the field.

Now Owens is 35 years old, but with the shape he keeps himself in, his age isn't as big of a factor as it would be in aging receivers.  Plus, even if Owens is only 80% of the player he used to be, that 80% still managed to make 69 catches for 1,052 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2008.  To put that in perspective, the top two Bears wide receivers, Devin Hester and Rashied Davis, combined for 86 receptions, 1,110 yards and five touchdowns. 

Having Owens lining up wide for the Bears would only make Hester better as well as defenses would be forced to let Hester face single coverage, and with his speed, that's certain doom for opposing defenses.  Owens would also help Kyle Orton develop as a quarterback, as Kyle would have a legitimate target to throw to.  That would give him an advantage no Bears quarterback has had in, well, probably ever.

The truth is, that headaches or not, Owens would make the Bears offense a lot more potent than as currently constructed, and with problems on defense the last few years, this team needs all the points it can get.

If the Bears can convince Owens to come to Chicago and sign him to a two-year deal with more bonuses than guaranteed money, they'd be idiots not to do it.  Now whether or not Owens is dumb enough to come here, that's a different story.

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