The Bears Bad Season in Photos

Take a spin through through the misery.

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The Bears lost their first game of the regular season against the Buffalo Bills, 23-20. The troubles started when left guard Matt Slauson was forced out of the game in the second quarter with a left leg injury.
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Soon after, Roberto Garza suffered from a leg injury as well. But the Bears luck got even worse when Alshon Jeffery suffered an hamstring injury after having four catches for 62 yards in the game. Read more here and here.
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Things turned around for the Bears in game two against the San Francisco 49ers. The Bears were able to beat the 49ers 28-20 at Levi Stadium. Jay Cutler pulled through with three touchdown passes in the fourth quarter, two of them erasing a 13-point deficit.
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Rookie Kyle Fuller made two interceptions late in the game, the first one setting up the go-ahead score. Read the NFL round up for week two here.
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The Bears fought hard to beat the New York Jets 27-19, starting out strong with a touchdown in the first quarter from Ryan Mundy.
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Martellus Bennett scored a touchdown catch and just a little over five minutes into the game Chicago held a 14-0 lead. Read more here.
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The Green Bay Packers blew out the Bears in September at Soldier Field; the score was 38-17. Jay Cutler threw two touchdowns and two interceptions, while Rodgers threw for 302 yards and four touchdowns.
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The Bears tried to keep up and pull ahead but to no avail, Packers' Randall Cobb scored the last touchdown of the game, catching an easy pass. Read more here.
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The Bears struggles seem to have really started in Week five when they lost 31-24 against the Carolina Panthers in October. The Bears held a lead but turnovers were their downfall for a second consecutive week.
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Danny McCray made the final touchdown, afterwards the Bears attempted to move the ball up field but Cutler was sacked after nearly throwing an interception down the sideline on third down. Read more here.
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A week later, the Bears got the message and stepped their defense up getting a win against the Atlanta Falcons. Scoring 27 points against their 13, the Bears briefly ended their losing streak. Read more here.
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CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 19: Cortland Finnegan #24 of the Miami Dolphins breaks up a pass intended for Alshon Jeffery #17 of the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on October 19, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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Looking for a win at home the Bears lost in an unacceptable feat against the Miami Dolphins, 27-14.
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The Bears could not catch a break when the New England Patriots throttled them in Week 8. The Bears defense could not compete, giving up 488 yards in the second consecutive lost for the team. The Patriots took advantage early using a mix of skillful passes and runs to cut up the Bears defense.
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By the third quarter, the Bears were once again defenseless when Rob Gronkowski ran 48 yards to bring the score to 45-7. The game ended 48-23 with the Patriots scoring last with a late field goal. Read more here.
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The Green Bay Packers defeated the Bears for a second time in the season, this time the score was a crippling 55-14. By the third quarter, the score was 45-0 and the Bears finally scored some points when Jay Cutler was able to pass to Brandon Marshall down field.
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But things didn't get any better for the Bears as their starters remained in the game. Marshall left the game with an ankle injury, then Cutler threw a pick-six to make matters worse. Read more here.
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The Bears stepped their defense up and Jay Cutler was able to throw three touchdown passes, securing a 21-13 win against the Minnesota Vikings mid-November.
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Matt Forte played solidly throughout the game and saved the Bears from losing a fourth game in a row. Read more here.
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The third quarter in the Bears vs Tampa Buccaneers game pushed the Bears far enough to win 21-13. Matt Forte led the team again with two touchdowns and 89 yards on the day.
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Bucs Josh McCown struggled until the fourth quarter, making some key throws to them down the field. But it was too late for the Bucs to pull out a victory, giving the Bears a second consecutive win. Read more here.
The Detroit Lions had something extra to be thankful for this year when they defeated the Bears on Thanksgiving, 34-17. The Lions scored 21 straight points in the second quarter burying the Bears early lead.
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Lions’ Joique Bell scored a touchdown on second down in the first half, giving them a lead that they kept for the remainder of the game. The final score came in the fourth quarter when Matt Prater kicked a 40-yard field goal. Read more here.
The bad luck continues for the Chicago Bears when they lost against the Dallas Cowboys, 41-28. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall suffered a rib injury and was forced to leave the game, leaving the Bears offense weak as the second half began.
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The Bears attempted to catch up but it was not enough in the fourth quarter when Alshon Jeffery caught Jay Cutler’s pass for a touchdown, making the game 35-13. The Cowboys pulled even more ahead when Dan Bailey ran 27-yards and got the game to 41-28 with just four minutes left. Read more here.
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