Sunday's Mission: Crack the Pack

Great teams crush their opponents' spirits.  Think of the times you've seen a potential champion give up.  LeBron James in Boston in Game 5 comes to mind.  That beatdown kicked off a chain reaction that sent James to Miami and decimated the Cavaliers.  And now the Bears have a chance to drive a stake through the heart of the hated Packers.

Green Bay was a popular preseason Super Bowl pick.  Remember in last year's playoffs, they got into an insane firefight with Arizona.  A fluke defensive TD banished them from the chase.  And it seemed they had the tools to compete this year.

The Bears already have one victory against the Pack.  Another win Sunday would likely end Green Bay's season.  But if the Bears lose, Green Bay sneaks in under the wire.  We would give them life and the flicker of hope.  Even though this is the holiday season, it's time for the Bears to go Grinch on Green Bay.

Make no mistake, this season will mean nothing if the Bears can't do serious damage in the postseason.  The Packers are one of those teams we'd rather not risk facing.  They know us, so it's to our advantage to knock them out early.  You look at the other NFC contenders and serious questions surround many of the teams.  The Eagles looked like a mess against the Vikes.  The Giants are playing dumb.  The Buccaneers can't win against winning teams.  The Rams and Seahawks are as intimidating as a moist dish rag.  Only the Saints and Falcons seem to have their acts together.

With a QB like Aaron Rodgers, the Packers figure to be a tough out.  Let's just put a bounty on his head and aim for his third concussion of the year.  Victories against playoff foes are sweet.  Demolishing the dreams of a rival is even sweeter.

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