Ouch! Strahan Sacks Eagles Fans

He used to just sack our quarterbacks -- now he has sacked our fans.

Add former New York Giant defensive end turned FOX football analyst Michael Strahan to the list of national talking heads who love to hate Philadelphia fans.

The grinning analyst can't understand why Philly fans haven't embraced Donovan McNabb.

He describes the fans and press as “deriding” McNabb. 
"Everybody in Philly -- when he's gone, they're going to miss him," Strahan told the Daily News. "Even if they'd won the Super Bowl, I don't know if they'd be happy. It's like he can't do enough."
Why is it that out-of-town observers seem to love stomping on the City of Brotherly Love?

Few of the national "analysts" are here on a day-by-day basis to see what is taking place with Philly sports.
The Philadelphia fans as a whole support McNabb -- the Birds faithful elected McNabb as the starting QB for the Eagles 75th Anniversary team.

It is really sad to see Philadelphia get put down continuously on a national level as passion is mistaken for hatred. The fans here in Philadelphia love their teams and just show more emotion than some other cities.
Look at the last game of the season. The Birds fans were so loud that Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo couldn't run their offense successfully. The fans backed their team and made life a living hell for the opponent. 
It's hard sometimes to find a national perspective that is positive when talking about Philly fans. At least Ron Jaworski knows that Philly fans aren't fire-breathing dragons, but he seems to be in the minority sometimes.
Philly fans aren't hateful, we just aren't afraid to show disapproval when the team or quarterback is not performing up to par.
Here’s an idea for Strahan: stick to analyzing what happens with players on the field and not the fans in the stands. 

Philadelphia deserves better than getting sacked by a has-been d-lineman.

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