Spilled Milk Department: Did Bears Get Screwed By Timekeeper?

First, a couple of clarifications. No, the Bears should not have allowed the Falcons to pass and catch a football with 30 yards of space underneath it, and they shouldn't have played such miserably weak coverage on a vital down, and they shouldn't have played so poorly throughout the game that the Falcons were within striking distance even after a last second touchdown drive. The whole thing shouldn't have happened and, considering there were 59 minutes and 59 seconds that otherwise determined the outcome, complaining about one second of time differential on the scoreboard seems pretty lame.

That said, I'm going to do so anyway:

Via Blog Down Chicago Bears, a small argument can be made that the Atlanta timekeeper didn't start the clock as soon as Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan snapped the ball, thereby providing that crucial extra second for Jason Elam to hit his 48-yard field goal. Observe.

I make no judgments therein, except, actually, yeah, I do. The Bears got screwed. There. I said it.

In the meantime, the folks at Windy City Gridiron conducted a helpful little blame-game poll. Who best to blame for the ugly loss? The results are in:

Who's your scapegoat?

45% -- The Bears D. Played uninspired all day.
3% -- Injuries. We were without a lot of starters.
23% -- Bob Babich. Questionable schemes and bad 2nd-half adjustments.
12% -- Ron Turner. Unimaginative play calling.
6% -- Tommie Harris. THE fumble.
7% -- Someone else.

I vote none of the above, by which I mean to vote all of the above. Even you, Kyle Orton. Even you.

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