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Social Media Erupts After ‘The Last Dance' Identifies Obama as ‘Former Chicago Resident'

ESPN’s new docuseries on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls featured former President Barack Obama, remembering him as a Chicago native.

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On Sunday night, ESPN’s new documentary on the Chicago Bulls, “The Last Dance,” premiered with the first two episodes of the 10-part series.

The documentary featured an array of former Bulls coaches, players and employees, along with several others who have connections to the team – one being former President Barack Obama.

Obama, a known Bulls superfan, recalled being unable to buy Bulls tickets growing up in Chicago during the dynasty years.  

The filmmakers chose to identify America’s 44th president as ‘Former Chicago Resident,’ to which the internet exploded.

An account has even since emerged, @FmrChiResident, tweeting photos of Obama spending time in Chicago.

The first episode also featured former President Bill Clinton, whom the filmmakers identified as ‘Former Governor of Arkansas.’

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