Smokey's Players Of The Week

That time again, let us time waste not.

Mark It 8, Dude

Marian Hossa - Only three games this week, but we'll take the three points in them. Hossa guided the Hawks back into the Sharks game with two power play goals, and though he only managed an assist against Phoenix he was an absolute Mastadon in a game the Hawks had to have. We ask for the best players to be the best players in an important game, and there was Hossbollah dictating play, forcing it to the other end, and backchecking and chasing down the puck like a cop on a perp (or at least a fit cop). If Sharp is out any length of time, they'll need this more and more.

Chris Campoli - Ignoring the Dallas disaster where everyone was guilty, Campoli has picked up his game in Brian Campbell's absence. He's been nifty in his own end, continually making no more than a 10-foot pass that always seems to get the Hawks out of danger. He's also been making things happen at the other end, joining in the play and giving the Hawks another option. Oh, and he scored what ranks as the biggest goal of the season so far.

Over The Line, Mark It Zero

Stan Bowman - I may be on this island alone, but I will not sit here and just let Bowman's hamstringing of the Hawks in Dallas go. It is especially galling considering there are no roster restrictions after the deadline (a mistake I'd made in an earlier post). Bowman did not have to send anyone down or add anyone to an injured list to have an extra body in case anyone got hurt or sick before a game, just like Bryan Bickell did. Are they so afraid of a miniature cap penalty next season? Can a docking of a few thousand dollars really be so important?

Troy Brouwer - He's been done no favors by being bounced around the lineup, and deserves better than skating on a wasteland of a third line with ever increasing brick Jake Dowell at center. But one point and no goals in 15 games just isn't enough from one of the few sizable forwards the Hawks have. Even if he's on a line that can't get him the scoring opportunities, he can be more of a physical presence than he has. If Sharp misses games, it is likely Brouwer will get the first shot on the wing of Toews and Kane. He made it count before, he must do so again.

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