Smokey's Players Of The Week

As morose as I've been about the Hawks, this is a week that sees them having won three of four games, and no one's going to complain about that if it's replicated more and more.

So who led the way and who didn't?

Mark It 8, Dude

The Top Line - Whatever I or others may say about Kane and what goes on away from the rink and what he's done season long, there's no question that he and Toews and Sharp are firing on all cylinders right now.  They have 15 points combined in the last three games, and quite frankly when they're moving their feet as they have been there are few, if any, teams that can deal with them. They'll have to keep it up, as the Hawks won't get much scoring from any other line barring the second, and we don't even know that for sure.

Dave Bolland - In previous try-outs as the No. 2 center, Dave Bolland has fallen flat on his face. But this time looks different, as five points in the four games would suggest. He and Hossa are developing a nice understanding and hopefully that will only grow and grow. He'll still be asked to match up against the other teams' best center, but to cancel them out by making them work in their zone more than just defending them. These latest signs are encouraging.

Over The Line Mark it Zero!

Corey Crawford - This may seem overly harsh, and it is, especially when he went 3-1. But if you administered an eye test you saw a goalie who was fighting the puck a lot, causing heart-stopping and beer-spitting goalmouth scrambles that aren't all that necessary.  He came up big in the shootout against Pittsburgh, but the Hawks were only there because of a softie let it to tie the game. He had some big saves against St. Louis, but also got lost on a couple loose pucks in his crease. It's good enough for now, but should get better.

Michael Frolik - Again, awfull harsh, because Fro has looked quick, unafraid to get to scoring areas, and competent in his own zone. But he's here to score, and help others, and he hasn't done that in over 20 games.

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