Smokey's Players Of The Week

Only two games this week, but a feature is a feature, is it not? We'll let Confucius answer that one later.

Mark It 8, Dude

Tomas Kopecky - If you've read this blog for more than five minutes, you know that Tomo Kop infuriates me. But I only get infuriated when he tries to be something he's not, which is basically when he tries to be Marian Hossa. But as my friends at The Fifth said, he's one of the few big-bodied wingers on the Hawks and can crash the net when he wants to.  Both of his goals against Detroit were a result of being where he should. He'll never be a dynamo on the boards, and his defensive game will always need work. But when he's being a monolith in front of the opponent's goalie and creating screens for Hossa and Patrick Sharp and cleaning up their rebounds, I won't complain.

Marian Hossa - Starting to round into form this weekend, the break certainly helped, and after he gets another one after Tuesday's game, I expect one slobbering, monstrous Slovakian-wearing #81. Taking the puck to the net and asking anyone to do anything about it is a main feature of his game, and we saw it plenty this weekend. Also ended the successful penalty shot drought in Chicago, so we don't have to hear people ask Troy Murray about it any more. The Hawks need something resembling the Hossa they had in the season's first seven games, and by the looks of it they just might get it.

Over The Line, Mark It Zero

Brian Campbell - It pains me to put him here as he's been the best Hawks d-man all season, but he was a jittery mess against Detroit and Philly. He didn't get punished for it in the Motor City, but certainly did against the Flyers with a -3. Still, there was always going to be a dip in his impeccable form, and let's hope these two games were it. 

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