Smokey's Players Of The Week

That time again...

Mark It 8, Dude

Brian Campbell - +6 on the week, with a couple points thrown in, and pretty much dominant all over the ice.  Maybe he'll never score enough to make the mouth-breathers out there happy about his salary, but I'm going hoarse making the case that he's been the Hawks best player.  I'll leave it at this, my friend Chris Block, who does -- an incredibly detailed and thorough Hawks blog -- looked this up last night, and the Hawks are 6-1 when Campbell leads them in ice time.  So deal with that.

Over The Line, Mark It Zero!

Brent Seabrook - It's hard to put anyone here, the Hawks haven't been bad in any of the three games since we last did this, but we'll go with Biscuit here.  He's been shaky in his own zone, and is a -2 in these three games.  He's caught whatever is afflicting Keith in his own zone, with abstract handling of the puck putting it mildly.  He's not been as physical as he can be, and as the only physical presence now on the Hawks blue line, he has to assert himself more.  Generally, when this happens Seabrook drops the gloves with someone in an upcoming game to get himself going, so look for that to happen soon.  He's also a main cog of a penalty kill that can't tie its shoes at the moment.  So Walter is pointing the gun at you today, Seabs. 

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