Scott Skiles Returns to United Center

Throughout his tenure with the Bulls, Scott Skiles was about as frustrating as a head coach can be. He was alternately impressive and irritating, his command of offenses and defenses both insightful and stubborn. His young players developed under him for a couple of years, and then promptly regressed. And always, he was cranky.

Skiles is now with the Bucks, which means it was only a matter of time before the Bulls did the whole awkward play-against-former-coach thing at the United Center. Will players shake his hand? Will he be booed? Will Johnny Kerr wake up long enough to realize what's going on? These are the vital questions of our day.

For his part, Skiles doesn't seem to care:

"I guess it would be hard for me to imagine why there would be any negative reception, other than that's pro sports," Skiles said this week at the Bucks' training facility. "That doesn't bother me either way."

"I look forward to seeing those guys," Skiles said. "We had a lot of good times together. Hopefully we'll see each other before the game or whatever. I have very positive and fond feelings for those guys."

Ah, see? It'll be fine, you guys. In fact, it'll be just like old times. Skiles will freak out at Tyrus Thomas about a missed screen or something, he'll rip at his clipboard, and then his face will turn red and the veins will start popping. Then Michael Redd will kindly remind him that he doesn't coach the Bulls anymore. Johnny Red will still be sleeping.

Ah, memories.

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