Prep Destination Winner: Grayslake Central vs. Hampshire H.S.

This week's Prep Destination winner is Grayslake Central at Hampshire High School.

A total of 2,826 people participated in our NBC 5 News Today Facebook poll to pick our Prep Destination of the Week.

Grayslake Central at Hampshire won with a total of 1,473 votes when the poll closed on Wednesday at noon.

Glenbard West vs. Lyons Township fell behind with 823 votes, while Marmion vs. Montini came in last place with a total of 530 votes.

Our NBC 5 News Today crew will head out to Hampshire early Friday morning as students and staff get ready for their game day and dance on our morning segment Dance Friday!

We invite all Whip-Purs and Rams fans to join in on the fun starting at 5:45 a.m. at Hampshire's football stadium.

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