Please Don't Go Ryan Dempster!

Ryan Dempster was the steady ace for the Cubs this year. With 17 wins and a 2.96 ERA, he was reliable every time he stepped on the mound. Throw in his Harry Caray impression, and you have a dream of a Cub. Right? Not so fast. Dempster wants to test the free-agent market, which could make his price sky rocket if he does eventually sign with the Cubs. Worse than that is the idea that he will sign with another team. Dempster provided a perfect foil to Carlos Zambrano's manic pitching performances which often carried the team through bad stretches. Losing him could hurt the Cubs in both the clubhouse and on the field. Please don't go, Ryan!

To convince Dempster that his home is in Chicago, here are some reasons he should stay.

-- Wayne Messmer will sing "O Canada" before every home game. Rich Harden will also be pleased.
-- Forget dropping the puck at the Winter Classic. You can suit up in the net for the Blackhawks.
-- Those nunchuks that you wanted? They're on their way to 1060 W. Addison as we speak and painted in Cubbie Blue, no less. What's that you say? It's the offseason and you couldn't get the package from Wrigley? Well, I guess that gives you a reason to return to Chicago.
-- You get to sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" the day before you pitch, every time. Harry Caray impersonation optional, though encouraged.
-- Jack Whalen only works at the Roscoe and Southport Starbucks. He won't become your personal barista just because you change teams.
-- Your dog's name is Wrigley. Don't shame him by playing at Turner Field.
-- Mark DeRosa wants you to stay, too. You wouldn't want to disappoint DeRo?

Dempster has the right to test the waters, and get what the market will pay him but he is such an important piece to the Cubs puzzle. We have to keep him. So maybe I should be begging Jim Hendry -- can we keep Dempster? Please?

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