Opinion: Please Make Matt Forte's Home Run Derby Suggestion Happen

While watching the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby on Monday night, Matt Forte made a suggestion that the Bears should absolutely make happen. Put together a home run derby for football players.

Please do this, Bears and Bears players. Who wouldn't want to see if Lance Briggs could hit a ball? Or if Julius Peppers could be a three-sport athlete, since he played basketball in college? If Jay Cutler could hit one out?

And why stop there? Let's do an all-sports competition. Throw in the three-point shootout from the NBA and shoot the puck from the NHL. See who can score a soccer goal. Perhaps even a tumbling competition? Televise it all and use it to raise money for Bears Care.

Training camp is important for preparing the players for the season and for deciding who is on the team. At the same time, it can be boring and tedious. Why not throw in a home run derby to break up the boredom? 

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