Patrick Sharp Helps Illinois Lottery Unveil New Game

The Blackhawks player came out to help promote the Illinois Lottery's new game, Hit or Miss.

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Haley BeMiller
The Illinois Lottery on Wednesday unveiled a new way to play the lottery with its new game, Hit or Miss. In tow at the event was Blackhawks player Patrick Sharp.
Haley BeMiller
Players can win $250,000 not only if they choose every number correctly, but if they choose all 12 numbers incorrectly.
Haley BeMiller
The game also incorporates what lottery officials call a "good life" number. If players choose all 12 numbers correctly or incorrectly and match the good life number, they will receive $100,000 every year for 20 years in addition to the $250,000.
Haley BeMiller
Illinois Lottery Director Michael Jones calls the game an "innovative variation" on other lottery games. "If you pick all the wrong numbers, you still win $250,000," he said.
Haley BeMiller
To promote the game, the Illinois Lottery partnered with Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Sharp. People walking by Pioneer Court Wednesday were able to play some hockey and get a photo with Sharp.
Haley BeMiller
Jones (right) said the decision to work with Sharp (left) was based on his strong commitment to sports partnerships.
Haley BeMiller
Jones said Blackhawks marketing is typically very innovative, which made it easy to develop the relationship and get Sharp on board.
Haley BeMiller
Jones also believes the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup win really reflects the Illinois Lottery's motto: "Anything is possible."
Haley BeMiller
In addition to Wednesday's appearance, Sharp has been featured in a couple Illinois Lottery commercials.
Haley BeMiller
In one, Sharp dresses up in a dog suit and gets ignored by a huge Hawks fan.
Haley BeMiller
Sharp also makes his debut as a room service waiter.
Haley BeMiller
When discussing his participation in these commercials, Sharp said he had the "easy job."
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