Pace Wants Holt to Join Him in Chicago

Wide receiver could be a good for for the team.

Now that the Bears have addressed concerns at quarterback and offensive line, can we please, pretty please, pretty please with the sugar on top, get a wide receiver? Jay Cutler may have the greatest arm in the world, and the offensive line may give him all day to throw, but without someone to catch those passes, this whole offseason spending spree will have been for naught.

Orlando Pace is lobbying for his former teammate, Torry Holt, to join the team. Holt was cut by St. Louis at the same time as Pace. Though he is on the verge of his tenth season in the NFL, his production has stayed mostly level, save last season, where he, like the team he was playing for, had a bad year. Pace is playing his part as a salesman for the Bears in trying to get Holt in the navy and orange.

“He was probably in my house a few days before I came here,” Pace said. “I think he’s just out searching (for a team). I’m probably recruiting here in Chicago and hopefully it works out.”
Holt would make a good addition to the team. He was coached by Lovie Smith, and would feel comfortable with the Bears' offense. It's also been a few years since he's had a quarterback throwing to him who had the skill of Cutler. The Jaguars and Titans have also shown interest in Holt, but hopefully the addition of Cutler and Pace will be enough to convince Holt to take that drive up I-55 to Chicago.

Though this is a good draft for receivers -- Missouri's Jeremy Maclin is looking better and better every day -- that's not an option for Chicago. With the Bears burning up so many draft picks in the acquisition of Cutler, free agency will be the best way to go in getting a receiver.
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