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Ozzie on Manny: He Can Play Naked As Long as He Wins



    With just a month left in the season and trailing the Twins by 4 and a half games, the White Sox make the move to get Manny Ramirez. Will Manny being Manny be enough to get the Sox to the postseason? Ozzie Guillen hopes so. (Published Monday, Aug. 30, 2010)

    White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen doesn't foresee any problems with Manny Ramirez, he said today -- as long as he gets along with everyone and helps win games.

    "I think it's funny how people tell people 'Manny be Manny,'" Guillen said. "Hey, Manny be real ... To me he's a great guy. He don't have any problem with anybody."

    In his trademark fat-jowled mumble, Guillen said he's happy to manage Ramirez and thinks he'll fit in well with the Sox.

    "It's two rules I have," Guillen said. "You gotta be straight with the team and be there for national anthem."

    Aside from that, Guillen said, the players can do whatever they want.

    "If the guys can go there butt naked, they don't have to wear a uniform. They win game for me? I'm only happy for them."

    The Los Angeles Dodgers left fielder Manny Ramirez officially become property of the Chicago White Sox Monday in a straight waiver claim, the team reported Monday.