Stanley Cup

Chicago Reportedly Gaining Momentum as Potential NHL Hub City Site

The NHL has not set a date for an announcement of the two cities that will serve as “hub cities” in its postseason tournament, but according to a new report, Chicago is getting a lot of attention as a potential destination for the league.

According to TSN’s Pierre LeBrun, Chicago is gaining momentum in NHL circles as a potential hub city for the league’s postseason tournament, with players and executives alike potentially onboard with the idea of using the United Center as a host for tournament games.

“One American city that has pushed through of late is Chicago,” LeBrun said on ‘Insider Trading.’ “Yes, Vegas is a lock, but if for whatever reason Toronto, Vancouver or Edmonton don’t work out, a lot of people like Chicago. I’ll tell you who else likes Chicago: the players. That’s a consideration when the two sides try to figure out the two hubs.”

The NHL recently announced that it would hold a 24-team tournament to determine this year’s Stanley Cup winner. A total of 12 teams from each conference will head to two hub cities, and the winner from each of those hubs will go onto the Stanley Cup Final.

Chicago was one of 10 cities that is under consideration for the role as “hub city,” an idea endorsed by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

“We’re very excited at the possibility, and have really tried to make the case for why Chicago should be chosen,” she told Scott Powers of The Athletic. “I’m hopeful we’ll be successful.”

TSN’s Bob McKenzie said that there is an “outside chance” the league will announce hub cities this week, but that a decision is much more likely to come next week.

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