Who should be on Netflix's ‘Quarterback' season two? Here are the top candidates

These quarterbacks could be the stars in the next season of the Netflix docuseries

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Season one of Netflix’s “Quarterback” treated fans to a behind-the-scenes look at three unique signal callers during the 2022 season.

At the top, there was Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes – winning the Super Bowl and league MVP. Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins offered the veteran perspective as his team made a return to the postseason. Then there was Atlanta Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota, who battled for a starting job and faced some of the realities that most NFL players go through.

The series has been picked up for a second season, but it’s still unknown who will be featured. Several quarterbacks have already announced they would not participate, while others appear open to it.

Here’s a look at some of the top candidates for “Quarterback” season two:

What quarterbacks won’t be on the show in season two?

Six quarterbacks have already confirmed they will not participate in “Quarterback” season two, citing various reasons.

Quarterbacks who could fill the Marcus Mariota role

Even though Mariota hasn’t been as successful as Cousins or Mahomes, he was still intriguing to watch in the series. Plenty of current starters could fill his role, including a few veterans on their final chances or young players just starting out.

Here are all the candidates for this spot with a rating (1 to 10 scale) of how interesting each would be:

1/10 – Colt McCoy, Arizona Cardinals: With Kyler Murray likely to miss at least a portion of the 2023 season, the 36-year-old veteran is in line to start for Arizona. There are better options.

2.5/10 – Desmond Ridder, Atlanta Falcons: Back-to-back years of the Falcons feels like overkill, and Ridder doesn’t have the name recognition – at least not yet.

4.5/10 – Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers: A second-year quarterback on a team with playoff aspirations seems interesting, fans just don’t know much about Pickett yet.

5/10 – Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers: Love is finally getting a chance to start after three years behind Aaron Rodgers. 

6/10 – Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers: OK, now we’re getting somewhere. How is Purdy’s injury recovery going? Can a second-year, last overall pick really lead a Super Bowl-caliber team? This would be interesting.

6/10 – C.J. Stroud, Houston Texans: The No. 2 overall pick is facing pressure to perform as a rookie since Houston traded its first-round pick for 2024.

6/10 – Bryce Young, Carolina Panthers: The No. 1 overall pick has even higher expectations and perhaps even more questions due to his size.

6.5/10 – Mac Jones, New England Patriots: It would never happen with Bill Belichick in charge, but a backstage look at this operation would be fascinating. Jones sneakily has a strong personality that could fit this series.

7/10 – Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts: Richardson stands above the other two rookies because he entered training camp in a quarterback battle with Gardner Minshew. Seeing that relationship unfold, plus getting a behind-the-scenes view of Richardson’s insane athleticism, would surely be great.

9/10 – Baker Mayfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This has to be the answer, right? Mayfield is perhaps a bigger star for his commercials than his actual play on the field. Now, he might be on his final chance to stay in the league while battling with Kyle Trask for the starting job.

Quarterbacks who could fill the Kirk Cousins role

Cousins’ personality was underrated before last season, when he started rocking huge chains while shirtless and fully embracing his “You like that!” catchphrase. It’s crazy to say it, but filling Cousins’ role won’t be quite as easy as you might think. Let’s dive into the candidates:

2.5/10 – Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints: The Saints aren’t particularly interesting and Carr isn’t particularly interesting. I’ll pass.

4.5/10 – Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns: This one likely won’t happen for obvious reasons after Watson’s suspension last year.

4.5/10 – Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans: Tannehill said he turned down season one of “Quarterback.” This season, he could be a decent fit with two young quarterbacks breathing down his neck in a potential make-or-break season.

5/10 – Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings: The fact that Cousins’ rating is this high after he was on the show last year is a testament to how enjoyable his appearance was.

6/10 – Daniel Jones, New York Giants: Even after getting a big new contract, Jones is facing pressure to perform in 2023. The Giants have expectations for the first time in a while.

7/10 – Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks: Smith would’ve been perfect on this show last season when he stepped in for Russell Wilson and took Seattle back to the postseason. I would still like to see him on this show, mostly to see how he interacts with teammates who seem to adore him.

7/10 – Jimmy Garoppolo, Las Vegas Raiders: Jimmy G’s Raiders tenure got off to a delayed start after he had troubles with his physical. There are injury concerns, but seeing Garoppolo’s off-field adventures in Las Vegas would be something.

7.5/10 – Jared Goff, Detroit Lions: Even after the Lions’ “Hard Knocks” appearance last summer, Goff would be an excellent addition to “Quarterback.” Detroit is expected to compete for a playoff berth while Goff fights to prove he should be their long-term starter.

8.5/10 – Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos: Another guy I would’ve loved to see in season one – just think of the high-knees on the plane to London! The off-field aspect of Wilson’s time would be exciting with his celebrity family. And on the field, he’s now fighting to prove he’s still the guy who was a star in Seattle. All the corny content would make for great social media memes.

Quarterbacks who could fill the Patrick Mahomes role

The series started off with the undisputed best quarterback in the NFL, so it’s impossible to stay on that level. Still, there are plenty of All-Pro players who would be interesting to follow for a season. Here’s a breakdown of the stars…

3.5/10 – Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars: Lawrence might’ve been near the top of the list with the young QBs, but he’s near the bottom if we’re casting him for the Mahomes role.

4.5/10 – Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Charges: Fresh off signing a record-setting contract, Herbert could bring viewers on a pretty sick shopping spree.

5/10 – Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs: Been there, done that. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to see the NFL’s best QB for a second season, but let’s see someone different.

5.5/10 – Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens: Another player with a hefty new contract. Jackson has some new weapons to play with this season, too.

7.5/10 – Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills: Craziest fans in the league? Check. One of the most talented QBs? Check. Currently in a celebrity relationship? Check. Allen checks a lot of boxes.

8/10 – Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals: Mahomes displayed some great trash talk in season one, but it seems like Burrow could bring it up another notch if he’s cast in season two.

8.5/10 – Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets: It likely won’t happen with the Jets already reluctantly on “Hard Knocks,” but I’d love for cameras to follow Rodgers around for a year. Whether it’s a darkness retreat, attending every New York sporting event imaginable or just training as one of the league’s best players, Rodgers would be a top-tier addition for Netflix.

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