Travis Kelce responds to typo on Chiefs' $40,000 Super Bowl ring: ‘Who cares?'

"Just makes it more exclusive. We screwed up about something that means nothing,” he said on Wednesday's episode of the "New Heights" podcast hosted with brother Jason Kelce.

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce June 13, 2024, in Kansas City, Mo.

Travis Kelce had a simple reaction to the typo on the Super Bowl LVIII championship ring: “I don’t give a s---.” 

The Kansas City Chiefs were presented with the $40,000, diamond and ruby studded rings on Thursday in an elegant ceremony in Kansas City, but they were engraved with an error. Inside the ring, the Miami Dolphins were listed as seventh seed postseason opponents — when in fact they were the sixth seed.

On Wednesday’s episode of the “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce” podcast, the NFL brothers addressed the blunder. 

Miami was actually the sixth seed. I guess that’s just the way the ring is … Are you gonna get it fixed?” Jason Kelce asked.

“I don’t give a s---. No, I like it that we didn’t give a f--- about what seed Miami was,” Travis Kelce responded. “Who cares? They could have done no seeds on the side of them and I would’ve been fine.”

He said the error just makes the ring “more unique.”

“Like oh yeah, we made it really detailed and oops we screwed up. Just makes it more exclusive. We screwed up about something that means nothing,” he continued.

The decked out ring marks the Kansas City Chiefs 25-22 victory in the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers with 505 round diamonds, 19 baguette diamonds, five marquise diamonds and 38 genuine rubies. 

It's also the third ring for Kelce after the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV in 2019 and LVII in 2022.

“This one’s pretty damn cool. It’s massive. It has kind of like the shape, the oval of the football with just diamonds going around it,” Kelce said describing his new bling. “It feels like a championship ring when you look at it. It's like, damn, that thing feels and looks like a championship ring.”

“But I would probably say the one last year was my favorite one. The top of the ring comes off, it has a clasp, you can wear it in different ways,” he continued. “I think if I would ever, like, wear the rings out in a sense or like what represent that team or that Super Bowl, I would probably wear that clasp on a necklace before I would wear that big f------ massive a-- ring.”

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