Key Matchups: Bears vs. Steelers

How today's key players, including the replacements, compare on the gridiron.

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The Replacements: Both the Steelers and the Bears are missing defensive playmakers. This game could hinge on how Hunter Hillenmeyer (playing for injured Brian Urlacher) and Tyrone Carter (playing for injured Troy Polamalu) fill in.
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The Coaches: Mike Tomlin and Lovie Smith are both defense-minded coaches who earned a trip to the Super Bowl early in their careers. The difference here is that Tomlin won.
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The Speedsters: Devin Hester might be faster than Santonio Holmes, but Holmes is a more polished receiver. Chances are that Holmes wins this match up.
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The Go To Guys: Greg Olsen was largely invisible last week against the Packers. He’ll have to keep up with possession receiver Hines Ward if the Bears hope to move the chains.
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The QBs: Big Ben has proved himself over and over again as a solid quarterback who knows how to win. Jay Cutler proved last week that Chicago’s expectations were higher than his ability. He needs to turn it around.
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The Running Backs: Neither of these so-called running teams had much of a ground game in the opener, but Matt Forte should prove better than Willie Parker in this game. Parker can’t seem to hit the hole hard anymore.
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The Lines: Orlando Pace played well if not stellar against the Packers last week, but he wasn’t facing a beast like James Harrison. Pace will have to step up his game this week in order to keep Jay Cutler vertical.
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