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White Sox Manager Tony La Russa Says Albert Pujols “Not a Fit”

La Russa says Pujols is 'not a fit' for White Sox originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

When the Los Angeles Angels announced they had designated the future first-ballot Hall of Famer, Albert Pujols, for assignment Wednesday, no one seriously thought he would end up on the South Side. And any theories to suggest the contrary were put to rest on Friday by White Sox manager Tony La Russa, himself.

At Friday’s Zoom press conference, La Russa was asked if the White Sox would consider adding the three-time MVP to his roster.

“We’ve got Jose, and then we’ve got Yermín,” La Russa said. “And even if Yermín gets a little less hot, it’s a good way to maneuver that DH to get other guys off their feet. So there’s not a fit here, unfortunately.”

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La Russa managed Pujols with the St. Louis Cardinals for 11 years (2001-11), and the pair racked up two World Series titles and cemented themselves as pivotal figures in Major League Baseball’s 152-year history.

Even though Pujols won’t don the black, white and silver this season, the 10-time All-Star wants to finish the 2021 campaign with another MLB squad, according to La Russa.

“I talked to him this morning,” he said. “He really believes – and if he believe, I believe – he’s got game left. If somebody acquires him, they’ll get a very determined Albert. Hope it’s in another league or in a different division . . . I would never underestimate him.”

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