Which Chicago Blackhawk Is Next Up for the Hockey Hall of Fame?

In the midst of their multiple Stanley Cup runs over the past decade, there was never a doubt that a handful of players from the Blackhawks' golden age would make it to the Hockey Hall of Fame one day.

On Wednesday, Marian Hossa became the first of the group, while still under contract for another year with the Arizona Coyotes. His 525 career NHL goals rank 35th in league history, not to mention his 1,134 points, many of which came during his eight years with the Hawks.

So now that Hossa's in, who's next from Chicago? 

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Former Hawks defenseman Doug Wilson finally got in, along with Hossa, on Wednesday after waiting 24 years. The long overdue honor provides hope that legendary Hawks forward Steve Larmer, who finished his career in 1995 with the Rangers, still has a chance. 

Larmer surpassed being a point-a-game player with 1,012 in 1,006 games. He spent the first 13 years of a 15-year career with Chicago. 

There's also a strong case for Jeremy Roenick, who had 1,216 points - including 513 goals - in 1,363 NHL games and spent the first eight years of his career with the Blackhawks.

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Three current Hawks in Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith will be shoo-ins for the Hall, possibly each upon their first ballots like Hossa. Any of them could be next in line based on when they choose to retire if Larmer is kept waiting.

"I think the next Hawk will be Kane or Toews. I think those two guys are first ballot and as soon as they're up they'll get in," former Blackhawk and 2016 All-Star MVP John Scott said Wednesday over the phone. "I think Larmer will get in before (Jeremy) Roenick. But I don't know, I think the next one will be Tazer when he retires. He'll be the next Hawk, that's my prediction."

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Kane, Toews and Keith have played their entire careers in Chicago. Kane, 31, has the obvious advantage in points with 1,022 in 973 games to Toews, 32, and his 815 in 943 contests. Both obviously have three Cups, Toews takes the edge in Olympic hardware and leadership, although Kane has come on strong in that department the last few years. 

If Scott is banking on Toews retiring before Kane he could be right. Like Kane, Toews' first season with the Hawks was 2007-'08.

Duncan Keith's first season with the Blackhawks was '05-'06. Although the two-time Norris trophy winner with three Cups and two Olympic gold medals continues to eat up big minutes and be a threat on the blueline at age 36, he's the most likely of the core trio to retire first.

It's hard to imagine a legendary Hawk will get the call two years in a row. If Larmer is made to wait several more, Keith could sneak in in front of him on a well-deserved first ballot.

Our money's on Duncan.

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