Under Center Podcast: Worst Press Conference in Chicago Sports History!

Podcast: Worst press conference in Chicago sports history! originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Bears fans are as smart and passionate as any fanbase in sports, and the team seems to take advantage of that.

In their season-ending press conference, George McCaskey, Ted Phillips, Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy spoke to the media and fans about the state of the Bears and tried to convince everyone that running it back is the right move.

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis not only break down the press conference, but they take calls from Bears fans in a new voicemail segment. Put the kids to bed for this one.

(1:10) - Was this the worst press conference in Chicago sports history?

(4:30) - Clips of Ted Phillips and Ryan Pace from the press conference

(11:22) - The Bears brass told on themselves

(19:22) - Bears fans speak their frustrations in the voicemail segment

(25:40) - Why can't the Bears disclose the contracts for Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy?

(34:05) - Bears fans should get apologies

(40:25) - How did Pace and Nagy convince McCaskey and Phillips that they will improve next year?

(46:20) - Is there a path where the Bears do improve?

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