Super Bowl 2021: Former Bears RB Matt Forte's Perfect Take on The Weeknd Performance

Matt Forte had the perfect tweet for The Weeknd's halftime show originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Weeknd just got done with an incredible halftime performance during Super Bowl LV. There were incredible visuals and some strong Michael Jackson vibes, from the red jacket to the jumbotron usage similar to Jackson's performance in Super Bowl XXVII at the Rose Bowl.

And at one point, The Weeknd was in a gold fun house holding a camera on himself.

It was a cool and unique visual, but it was a bit dizzying.

And former Bears running back Matt Forte had the perfect comparison for it.

Anyone who has face timed with a young child knows that dizzying FaceTime call. The spinning, the changing camera depth and angles.

But all in all, Forte thought The Weeknd's halftime performance was just alright.

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