Roquan Smith Gave Bears Locker Room Speech After Steelers Loss

How Roquan Smith addressed Bears locker room after MNF loss originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Every sports team needs a vocal leader or two. They can help players get pumped before a game, stay focused on the field, or rally together in tough times. For the Bears that player has usually been a stud on defense, like Akiem Hicks or Danny Trevathan. But according to Justin Fields, after the team’s heartbreaking loss to the Steelers on Monday Night Football that man was fourth-year linebacker Roquan Smith.

“He was really pouring his heart out,” Fields said via Mark Grote. “Just to see how passionate he is about the sport, and about the game, and about this team一 you can just tell what guys wanna win and how passionate we are about this sport."

Despite the four-game losing streak, which has featured both heartbreakers like Monday and blowouts like Week 7’s matchup against the Buccaneers, Matt Nagy has insisted his players have remained dedicated and focused every week. He’s made a mantra of sorts by saying his players truly care about the way they play.

That’s why most players like to play immediately after a tough loss like this. It helps them wash the stink off and move on with the rest of the season. But the Bears won’t have that luxury. They’ll have to sit with the bad feelings through a bye week.

“The hard part is anytime you go into a bye with a loss, it’s not good,” Nagy said. “You don’t like that.”

The Bears will have to hope Smith’s words rang true throughout the locker room, and will help the team rebound against the Ravens after a week off.

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