Jay Cutler May Have Finally Found the Culprit Behind His Chicken Murders

If you are reading this and also happen to be a close personal friend of Jay Cutler, maybe give him a call? Just, you know, check in on him for a bit. Because Jay Cutler has been "3 to 4" steps behind his mysterious chicken killer throughout this entire saga, and things are getting dire: 

But! Saturday night was big – we may finally have our first look at the culprit:

I don't know what this is. You don't know what this is. Jay Cutler definitely doesn't know what this is. But let's guess! This is: 

1. A bear (the irony!!!!) 

2. A racoon (less ironic!!)

3. The head of a condor from VERY close range? 

4. Anything else! 

5. A dust bunny attached to the lens

6. A previously undiscovered mountain animal that Jay Cutler gets credit for discovering, congrats to Jay Cutler. 

7. A spooky ghost

Jay Cutler may have finally found the culprit behind his chicken murders originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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