Jay Cutler Ends Tomi Lahren Dating Rumors With the Help of His Cow

Jay Cutler, and his cow, squash Tomi Lahren dating rumors originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Quite frankly, the title really about sums it up. Sometimes life just forces you to address rumors of a new Tomi Lahren romance. Other times it's your PR manager. Either way, what are you going to do then? Not involve your cow? Nonsense. Besides, he's got a brand to protect; look at Jay Cutler's Instagram and tell me he doesn't know exactly what he's doing. 

 So, with the help of his cow, Jay Cutler hopped on insta and just went for it: 

This post has it all. No one tries to be dismissive about immediately and directly addressing tabloid rumors quite like Jay Cutler. And then here's this cow, just standing around in Jay Cutler's woods, doing cow stuff, not bothering anyone, and still somehow getting dragged into spotlight? Cottegecore take a toll on us all. 

So it's officially done, and this chapter of Jay Cutler's Life As Told Through The Farm Animals He Owns comes to a close. 

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